American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch Prints
Our garden is visited by the goldfinch throughout the four seasons. We allow many of our plants to go to seed the goldfinches will feast on the mullein, cosmos, and the anise hyssop. It was one of the first birds to visit our new garden in St. Andrews; the linden tree is a great perch for them as they wait their turn and then fly in their "dipping" style across the garden to the nyjer feeder.

Our prints are double matted with acid free 100% rag mat. The outer mat on each is pearl gray with a complementary inner mat for each bird. Frames are mahogany finish 3/4" wood.

Size: 9" X 12" acid-free paper
Framed (and Matted): $69.95 CDN
Matted Only: $49.95 CDN

The Crocker Hill Store, Steven Smith Designs, 45 King St. St. Andrews N.B Canada E5B 1X6
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